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Hugo-boss Watches Price In India

Hugo Boss is a well-known luxury brand from Germany. Within the Watch industry, Hugo Boss has a relatively good reputation for making high-end watches. Hugo Boss Watches are made with a real focus on styling and a high-end finish. Being fashion-focused, Hugo Boss watches might not be value for money.

Hugo Boss Watch Collection

Hugo Boss has quite a few models of watches in their lineup which can be categorized into the following Collections

  • Boss: The Boss collection of Hugo Boss watches for men combines classic and modern aesthetics, the watches are catered for people who like high-quality styles and a certain status with their watches like the Hugo Boss 1513662. The Hugo Boss watches men from this collection are usually more expensive than other collections from the brand.

  • Hugo: Hugo is the younger and cheaper sister of the Boss collection with around 20-30% less price. Hugo customers are more digital-oriented. This Hugo Boss Watches women and men are more fashion oriented with the use of bright colours and saturated hues to make you stand out. These watches are tailor-made for younger individuals.

  • Admiral Collection: The Admiral Collection of Hugo Boss watches are crafted from ocean-bound plastic, these Hugo Boss mens watches are made for people who are always ready to explore new horizons.

Lacoste and GUESS are some of the main competitors of Hugo Boss watches in the high-end fashion industry.

Hugo Boss Watch price in India

Hugo Boss watches are usually expensive with starting price north of Rs 10000 whereas some of the really expensive watches can cost up to Rs 30000.