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Garmin Watches Price In India

With a reputation for longevity and a strong suit in navigation, it is no secret that Garmin smartwatches are considered some of the best in the industry. Garmin watches are specially built for people in adventure sports. Garmin smart watches are loved by cyclists, runners and other outdoor sports fans because of their accuracy, reliability and precision.

Garmin Smart watch Variants

Garmin has some of the best smartwatches for sports aficionados, however, because of their huge lineup, it becomes difficult to select the best watch. Here are some of the most popular models from the Garmin watch family.

  • MarQ: The MarQ family of Garmin smart watches for men are modern luxury tools with advanced features and the best quality materials. These are the most high-end watches Garmin makes.

  • Vívoactive: This family of Garmin smart watches are built for active lifestyles. These watches have the broadest range of health tracking features like stress, pulse oxygen, respiration, etc. Garmin Vivo active 3 is one of the most sold Garmin smart watch

  • Fēnix: This high-end lineup of the Garmin watch family is available in multiple sizes and includes a number of health-oriented features. The Gramin Fenix watches are made up of premium materials.

  • Forerunner: Arguably the best lineup of smartwatches from Garmin, Forerunner watches aim to the people into running sports. These Garmin watches like the Forerunner 945 create a good balance between the price and the features available.


Garmin smart watches face strong competition from other smartwatch manufacturers like Apple and Samsung aiming for mid to high-end customers.

Garmin Smart watch Price in India

In India, the price of a Garmin smart watch starts from Rs 14990 for the Vívosmart 5 smart band, on the other hand for the high-end market there is MARQ Driver for about Rs 2.4 lacks.