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Casio Watches Price In India

The Japanese company has made countless industry innovations helping them stay ahead of time. Casio watches are considered some of the coolest watches and have good street cred, and are built to withstand whatever life throws at them while looking stylish.

Casio Watches has introduced some technologies which can be seen in a smartwatch way before smartwatches were a thing like an MP3 player or touchscreen with phonebook back in 1991.

Casio Watches Collection

Here are some of the most famous collections presently available:

  • G-Shock: With over a thousand SKUs in the lineup, G Shock is the most successful sub-brand of the Casio Watches. The Casio G Shock watches are made to withstand high shocks, submersion in water and much more harsh conditions. The OG G Shock DW 5000C, a Casio vintage watch is an icon for modern watch designs and is deemed to be a collector's item.

  • Edifice: Casio is known for making affordable digital watches, but with the Casio Edifice watches like the Casio Edifice ED375, Casio produced some professional-looking Casio watches for men with the same durability the brand is known for.

  • Sheen: The Sheen collection of Casio watches for women features an elegant design, smart features and excellent quality.

  • ProTrek: In the Watch industry, Casio has been on the leading edge of electronic innovation which can be seen in the ProTreck line of Casio watches. Designed for extreme outdoor activities, these Casio digital watches feature various sensors like a compass, barometer, thermometer and more.

Casio has some of the most technologically advanced non-smart watches and some classic watches worn by various actors like Keanu Reeves in Speed, Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible and Michael J. Fox in Back to the future.

Some of its major competitors are Tissot, Raymond Weil, CITIZEN etc.

Casio Watches Price in India

In India, Casio watch price ranges from a few thousand for the Casio Youth to Rs. 3.4 lacks G-Shock MRG-G2000HB-1ADR - G876.