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Fastrack Watches Price In India

Fastrack has carved a niche for itself with watches that are fashionable while remaining inexpensive. Launched in 1998, Fastrack become independent in 2005. Today, Fastrack watches have become one of the most loved brands by the youth in the country.

With over 150 exclusive stores in over 80 cities, Fastrack watches have been growing at a breakneck pace in the country. Fastrack watches are not only considered fashionable but also act as a fitness accessory. The brand offers diverse choices of timepieces in a variety of price ranges. Fastrack watches believe in range and are constantly updating their catalogue. There is a vast assortment of Fastrack watches for men and Fastrack watches for women.

Typer of Fastrack Watches

  • Fastrack Sports Watches: Available for both men and women, sports watches from Fastrack are rugged and reliable for outdoor activities, Fastrack Trendies Analog Watch is one of the most sold sports watch.

  • Fastrack Casual Watches: these categories of Fastrack watches like the FastrackNG3120SL01C Bare Basic are made to go with daily life, providing great designs and a comfortable fit.

  • Fastrack Smart Watches: Fastrack smartwatches are featured pack watches with amazing designs, these are a perfect companion for your health goals. Smartwatches are available with smart features like Heart Rate Monitor, Body Temperature, Sleep tracker and many more.

Fastrack watches compete with similar brands like Maxima, Sonata in the budget segment.

Fastrack Watch Price in India

For the low-cost variants, the price of Fastrack watches usually comes under the Rs 1000 mark whereas the smartwatches from the brand are priced around Rs 6000. The Fastrack analogue watch, All Nighters Stainless Steel watch priced at Rs 7095 is the most expensive watch from the brand.