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Apple Watches Price In India

In 2014, Apple announced its new hardware product in ages, the original Apple Watch (series 0) was unveiled by CEO Tim Cook in conjunction with the iPhone 6 series. Initially, the Apple smart watch was marketed as a fashion accessory which through the various following iterations shifted its focus to a fitness-oriented accessory. The Apple Watch works flawlessly with the Apple iPhone and other Apple products from the ecosystem. In about a decade Apple watch has managed to become not only the most sold apple smart watch but the most sold watch period.

Apple Watch Variants

Though Apple launches one or two watch series yearly, these series come in various variants depending on the materials used and specifications. Here are the different variants of the Apple Watch.

  • The Number series: These are the main lineup of the Apple Watches updated every year. These smartwatches are called the Apple Watch Series __ (the number denotes the generation of the watch, with the Apple Watch Series 7 being the latest from the company. Apple also keeps a previous generation of the watch (Apple Watch Series 3 is the current low-cost offering) at a lower cost as the starting point for the products.

  • The SE: If you are enticed by the Apple Watch but think the price is too much and are not interested in getting the older generations of the watch, Apple Watch SE will be best suited for you, this lineup from Apple comes with most of the newer features from the apple watch the latest series.

  • The Collab Editions: Apple frequently makes special editions of its latest apple smart watches in collaboration with Nike and Hermès, where the Nike editions are more fitness-focused Apple Watch for men and women and the latter is more fashion-focused Apple Watch for women and men. (Most of the variants are available in two or more sizes)

Samsung, Garmin and Fossil are some of the major rivals of apple in the smartwatch segment,

Apple Watch Price in India

The price of the Apple Watch Series 3 starts from Rs 20900 for the 38mm model at the entry-level to Rs 52900 for the top-of-the-line Apple Watch Series 7 ( gps+ cellular)