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Sonata is one of the most loved watch brands in India, the budget sub-brand of Titan is India's largest selling watch brand. Sonata watches offer contemporary design mixed with a touch of style. Sonata watches, with over 600 designs in their various collections, have something for every occasion. ## Sonata Watch Collection - **Sleek:** The wide range of Sonata watches for men are available in a variety of platings like steel, black etc. these watches feature a premium design which makes them a good companion for the modern man. - **Silver Lining:** These Sonata watches for women come with colourful and printed dials with floral motifs. With a slim and minimalist design, these watches are perfect for casual or formal wear. The *Silver Lining NP8141SM08* is an elegant example from the lineup. - **Stride:** the Sonata Smart watch like the *Stride 7130PL02* is the fusion between a smartwatch and a traditional mechanical watch. The Stride hybrid watch is available in two variants with smart features like sleep tracking, step tracking, sedentary reminder etc. In the budget segment, Sonata competes with various brands like [Fastrack](, [Mast n Harbour]( etc ## Sonata Watch Price in India Sonata watches are budget oriented hence are available for a cheap price, the range starts from Rs 600 for the basic [Sonata analogue watch]( and goes up to Rs 2895 for the **Versatyle 2 Black Dial Stainless Steel Strap Watch**.

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