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Raymond-weil Watches Price In India

Raymond Weil, named after its founder was established in 1976 in Geneva. It is one of the last Swiss luxury watch brands that operate independently. Raymond Weil watches are known for their beautiful aesthetics and craftsmanship while maintaining a relatively affordable price tag. Though Raymond Weil Geneve is not as colossal of a brand as Omega or Rado, its strong emphasis on craftsmanship and attention to detail has won the hearts of many people worldwide.

Raymond Weil Watch Collection

These are some of the Watch collections from Raymond Weil

  • Freelancer: Designed for the free-spirited men, these Raymond Weil mens watch combine classic and new to create a unique harmonious design.
  • Maestro: As the name suggests these watches are made to demonstrate the mastery of horology by the brand. These mechanical watches feature some of the renowned Swiss watchmaking traditions.
  • Noemia: Named after the granddaughter of the founder, the Noemia collection elegantly captures the timeless style of the brand. These Raymond Weil women watch are great for everyday wear or on special occasions. Noemia Ladies Quartz Green Dial is a unique watch from the collection.
  • Toccata: The watches like Toccata Ladies Ruby Dial in Toccata collections celebrate the musical spirit in the brand’s DNA. This timeless and elegant collection promotes Reymond Weil’s traditions and heritage that are handed down from generations.

This music and art-inspired brand compete with the likes of Victorinox and Rado. During the pandemic era, Raymond Weil faced a decline in its popularity due to the closure of musical venues.

Raymond Weil Watch Price in India

Though the brand does not directly market in India, these watches can be acquired from many online and offline stores with the price starting from around Rs 2,00,000.