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Rado Watches Price In India

The Rado Watchmaker was founded by Ernst, Fritz, and Werner Schlup- three brothers, in 1917 as the Schlup and Co. watch-making factory. The Rado is a 100-year-old company founded in Lengnau, Switzerland. This Swiss watch company is well-known for its cutting-edge designs and use of ground-breaking materials to produce some of the most recognizable and long-lasting watches in the world.

Journey of Rado Watches

  • 1950: Began Selling Rado Watches officially.

  • 1957: Rado Watch launched the Golden Horse Collection followed by the Green House collection.

  • 1962: World's first scratch-resistant watch The DiaStar I launched.

  • 1976: A watch was created with glass that completely encased the casing from side to side with the DIA67 Glissiere.

  • 1986: The Rado Integral is the first time high-tech ceramics have ever been used in the manufacture of watches.

  • 1990: The first watch built completely of high-tech ceramics is the Ceramica.

  • 1993: The Rado Sintra is the first timepiece to use a casing and band made of titanium carbide.

  • 2002: The first timepiece with a 10,000 Vickers toughness is unveiled by Rado, as V10K.

  • 2011: Rado's ground-breaking ceramics paved the way for partnerships with a long range of top designers from around the world, including the r5.5 by British product designer Jasper Morrison.

  • 2021: Rado's collaboration with Le Corbusier on the Les CouleursTM range of timepieces, which come in nine vibrant colors, only served further to solidify its position as a leader in watch design.

This Swiss Watch company has always possessed a pioneering attitude. The company's motto, "If we can dream it, we can build it," still holds true today.

Types of Rado Watches

  • Rado Watches For Men - Rado Watches for men are always adapted to modern lives. They possess exceptional elegance and effortless style. Rado Watches for men are urbane, cultured, and adaptable then, now, and always. You can buy the best watches from their collections like Captain Cook, Centrix, True, True Thinline, and Hyperchrome.

  • Rado Watches for Women - Women who are energetic, aware, style-conscious, with an eye for beauty and a palate for the better things in life are the target market for Rado watches for women, which can be used every day and for exceptional events. Rado watches for women bring the design to life. Just like the men's watches collection, there are some best timepieces for women in their collection like Coupole Classic, True Square, Centrix, Captain Cook, and others.

Rado Watch Price in India

Rado Watches starting price in India is Rs 68800 for Rado R27015012 True Thinline Stillness and goes up to Rs 394700 for Hyperchrome R32118102-Bracelet, Automatic Watch for Men.

Some of the bestselling models of Rado watches in India are:


Rolex, Omega, Raymond Weil, and Tag Heuer are some of the brands giving good competition to Rado watches in the Indian market.