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How to increase the longevity of your window air conditioner?

Updated on: 29-Feb-2024 09:19 AM

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clean window ac

Regular cleaning is essential to keep your window air conditioner in good working order. Before installing it at the beginning of the warmer season, take it apart and clean it thoroughly. Comb the aluminum fins, blow out the coils with compressed air, and vacuum and clean the inner casing. If your device is very dusty, clean it thoroughly with a tar remover or household oxygen cleaner.

I'm sure many of you have installed window air conditioners for the summer, but have you performed any maintenance or inspections?

It is essential that your window air conditioner performs smoothly all summer long. A little routine maintenance might help your equipment run smoothly. Basic maintenance will increase the life of your window air conditioner.

Follow the advice provided below...

This is a vital consideration to guarantee that your air conditioner runs efficiently.

• Check the Air Filter and change it if needed

• If your AC comes with insects guard Make sure your model's insect screen is in good condition

• Internal cleaning: Examine the condenser coil and clean it as necessary.

If the panel has holes or other issues, it should be replaced. If the panel has holes or other issues, it should be replaced. Continue reading on to choose your sort of window air conditioner from the top brands. Continue reading on to choose your sort of window air conditioner from the top brands. Continue reading on to choose your sort of window air conditioner from the top brands.

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Cleaning your AC improves it operate effectively and boost durability; here we explain in full how to clean it effectively.

Basic Cleaning

clean basics window ac

Look and smell for mould. Do not consume alcohol because it is combustible and may start a fire. Although hydrogen peroxide is safer than bleach and alcohol, it should be properly labelled and kept out of reach of children. Clean the inlets and outlets at the front of the unit. Wash your hands after spraying. Let it dry.

Spraying at night, when the unit is switched off, allows for greater drying time in the morning.

Deep Cleaning

deep clean window ac

If necessary, do a thorough cleaning. Place a drip tray beneath the unit to catch any drips that may stain carpets, fabrics, or wood. Avoid switching the device on and off frequently. The best time for microorganisms to multiply is before the condensation evaporates. When the device is on, the extreme temperatures and constant flow of condensate that washes away the old water (you may notice it dripping) prevents bacteria from building up.

Clean the Filters in Monthly Basis

cleaning filters of windows ac

To access the filter, remove the front panel of the device. Before removing the front panel, turn off the machine and unplug the power cord. Screws or tabs hold the front panel of the air conditioner in place.

Remove the panel, locate the filter and pull it out of its place.Depending on the model, you will pull or slide the filter out of the slot. Refer to the user manual for detailed instructions on removing the front panel and filter.

Run water through the filter. Rinse the filter under running, warm water. If the filter has become caked with dirt or grime, clean it with a hoover hose attachment. It is recommended to clean your filter at least once a month. Clean it more frequently if you live in a dusty area or have pets. Replace your air filter at least once every three months.

Seasonal Extensive Maintenance for Air Conditioners

Take the cover off the gadget. Remove the front panel and the two tabs that hold the unit to the window. Remove any screws that hold the exterior casing to the interior of the unit.

Keep the screws in a safe place, as they are little.

Comb the aluminum fins. Wearing work gloves when cleaning the fins will prevent cuts.

Blow solid air into the circle with a feather. Spray fins and coils onto the front and back of the device. Maintain a dust barrier surrounding the fan and motor in the centre of the device. To remove dirt from beneath the floor or within the unit, use a vacuum. Clean the tray by hand with a clean towel and allow it to dry for a few hours before assembling the device. Keep windows inside while they are not in use. Remove it from the window and store it in the basement. If you cannot keep the air out of your windows, cover the outside of the room with a tarp or insulation blanket.

Provide a Unit the Deep Cleaning

Remove both the device and the casing. Place the device on a table outside, where the hose can reach. Remove the screws holding the casing to the device, store it somewhere secure, and carefully pull it out. Select a warm, sunny day to thoroughly clean the outside of your air.

Clean the housing and interior using a cleaning solution. Use a conditioner or household cleanser with oxygen. Clean the front panel, body, and window panels with cleaner. Next, paint the inner coils, fan, aluminium fins, and inner base. Scrub the device and housing, then spray again if necessary. Using a soft-bristled brush, gently scrub the area where you sprayed the cleaning solution. Scrub again with a gentle brush.

Set the hose to low pressure since high pressure can harm the coil or aluminium. Spray the external walls, floor, and window sills. The coil, fan, and aluminium are then connected to the tubes. Spraying water on the device will prevent the control panel from becoming wet.

Allow your gadget to dry before reconnecting. Let your device dry in the sun for a few hours. Allow the device to dry before assembling.

Keep your window AC unit from falling out, and other clever tricks for the crazy cackles with no hussels

• Ensure you have the correct unit for your home.

• Putting your unit in the shadiest window possible improves AC effectiveness.

• Placing it appropriately, ensuring that your device is situated at the recommended angle.

• Stay cool by using clean water to avoid moist with Stingy discomfort


How using fans does proves beneficial while the AC is on?

When you use a fan to circulate cold air in your room, you'll notice two things. Essentially, you may utilize a fan to guide cool air from your air conditioner to where it's most needed. Second, fans allow you to maximize the cooling effects of your unit, which is very useful if you just have one in your home.

Does closing door makes sense while using Window AC?

When using a window air conditioner, keep the door closed to avoid losing vital cold air. If you have a specific location that you wish to keep cool, begin by placing your device in it and closing the door. This manner, all of the energy from the air conditioner is directed towards the area you wish to chill. This means that if your unit is in the living room and you want to cool the adjoining bedroom but not the kitchen or the disused guest room, simply close the kitchen and guest room doors. This ensures that the cold air produced by your air conditioner is not wasted cooling rooms that are not in use.

"Getting it right with Windows is half the battle." Is it true?

Yes, This means you don't have a window unit running off the side of the living room, or any other open windows in the room, because the cold air is replaced by warm air from the outside. In addition, you can cover your windows with curtains and shades. Installing curtains or drapes in your home will keep heat from escaping through the window glass, making your environment more pleasant.

Should I consider the area for the optimal Window AC performance?

If you are using a window air conditioner, consider how much room you want to cool and decide accordingly. For example, if you only want to cool a small bedroom, you can buy a small window unit that is suitable for that room.

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