iPhone 14 Pro faces another issue
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iPhone 14 Pro faces another issue

    Posted by Rohit Yadav On 03-Oct-2022 06:33 AM

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With less than a month after the release of the iPhone 14 series, Apple iPhone 14 Pro models have been facing several issues. Recently another issue plagued the users of the iPhone 14 Pro and the 14 Pro Max.

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The improved camera system of the iPhone 14 Pro and Max comes with a physically bigger camera bump. Several users have complained that the iPhone 14 Pro is incompatible with multiple wireless chargers. This is due to the camera bump of the device, which hinders contact between the back of the phone and the wireless chargers.

This is not the first issue being faced by the users of iPhone 14 Pro have been facing. A few days prior, a tech YouTuber, Luke Miani noticed that his iPhone 14 Pro would face issues when using a third-party app to open the camera system. On opening apps such as Instagram, Snapchat etc. the OIS of the camera system would go haywire and would cause a sharp whining noise coming from the camera bump.

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On another occasion, several iPhone 14 Pro users on Verizon's network in the United States complained about inconsistent networks. This issue caused calls to randomly drop and the 5G connectivity was extremely poor and inconsistent.

Apple has issued software updates to tackle OIS and network problems. The wireless charging issue is due to the actual body of the iPhone 14 Pro. it will be interesting to see how Apple will tackle this issue. The issue is limited to only a few wireless charging pads so it won't be a big deal breaker. Moreover, Apple’s MagSafe chargers work fine with the iPhone 14 Por duos.

Given the issue, it is advised to try the wireless chargers before buying them and if you are like me who still does not use a wireless charger, the iPhone 14 Pro still gets a flying recommendation from us.