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Koryo Refrigerators in India

Koryo – Revolutionizing the Consumer Durables Market

Koryo is a Chinese manufacturer of consumer durables appliances. Koryo products are available in India through the Future Group. This group aims to launch the Koryo brand against other stalwart brands in the market. While these reputed brands have set up manufacturing units in India, Koryo does not have one. The appliances are imported from China.

Koryo Consumer Appliances

Koryo offers solutions in almost every consumer durables segment. On the Entertainment front, Koryo offers LED TVs and audio systems of high-quality but reasonable prices. Furthermore, Koryo has a superb range of air conditioners, including split ACs, window ACs, and portable ACs. Besides, it offers air purifiers, dehumidifiers, and air coolers.

Koryo has a range of products to suit every requirement of the homemaker. These products include washing machines, dryers, vacuum cleaners, geysers, refrigerators, etc. In addition, Koryo products have great use inside the kitchen with offerings like microwave and OTG, air fryers, juicer/mixer/grinder, hand blender, coffee maker, gas stoves, and many more.

Where to buy Koryo products?

The Future Group in India markets Koryo products. Besides, consumers can access the eCommerce websites, order their Koryo products, and take advantage of attractive discounts.