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Lg TV in India

Looking for a new TV for your home? LG TVs are some of the best TVs to consider if you are in the market. LG is one of a few manufacturers that make both OLED and LED backlight TVs. While the LG OLED TVs offer best-in-class value and performance and value compared to other brands, the LG LED TVs do leave consumers wanting for more. ## LG Smart TV Lineup Here are some of the best models offered by LG, - **LG Signature Series:** The Signature series in the LG OLED TVs lineup are focused on delivering the best in design and technology with no compromises like the *LG OLED R* the flagship rollable TV from LG. - **C-Series:** C-Series from LG offers best value when it comes to high-end TVs, the *LG C2* launched recently is one of the most praised LG OLED TVs. - **UQ-Series:** the UQ series features LED displays and are the entry level models from the company. ## LG TV Features - **Alpha processors:** LG Smart TVs are powered by the in house Alpha (α) processors that handles the image processing capabilities of the TV. - **Dolby Vision IQ & Atmos:** This feature helps to calibrate and optimise the picture quality. - **webOS:** webOS is the inhouse operating system used in the LG Smart TVs. - **120 Hz:** Most of the LG OLED TVs come with a 120 Hz refresh rate for a smooth viewing experience. ## LG Competitors In the TV industry LG faces fierce challenges from [Samsung](https://www.comparos.in/televisions/samsung) and [SONY](https://www.comparos.in/televisions/sony). Other than televisions, LG also makes [Laptops](https://www.comparos.in/laptops/lg), [Refrigerators](https://www.comparos.in/refrigerators/lg), [Air conditioners](https://www.comparos.in/air-conditioners/lg) and more ## LG TV Price in India In India, LG TVs price starts at Rs 22,000 for the **LG 32LM565BPTA** for the budget end and goes up to a staggering Rs 75,00,000 for the flagship LG OLED R.