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Panasonic Refrigerators in India

**Panasonic-Vitalize the future with air** Panasonic is one of the brands known to everyone from one generation to another. This company has maintained its quality and reliability. Osaka, Japan - Panasonic Corporation's production of household refrigerators reached a total of 100 million in 2018, 65 years since the company first began to manufacture them in 1953. As of May 2022, the most expensive refrigerator for Panasonic is Panasonic NR DZ600GKXZ 601 L 3 Star Double Door Refrigerator priced at Rs 98,900/- The lowest-priced model is Panasonic NR-AC20SA3X1 202 Litre Single Door Refrigerator available at Rs14,100/- So, Panasonic refrigerators are on the list of competitive brands, even though it does not offer the latest features such as Wi-Fi through the door dispenser. But the high load resistant bearing rail system combined with quick mode compensates for it all. Panasonic began working on refrigerators as well as televisions and washing machines in anticipation of the approaching electrical age after the Second World War. Moreover, the dual crisp drawers and wide food storage drawers in Panasonic refrigerators make food items easy to access and remain fresher with their latest yet unique cooling technology. The tempered glass shelves and spacious chiller box make both compartments stylish and roomy. Also, the external touch panel in multi-door and double-door models is very likable. Lastly, the 10 years longer warranty of the compressor wraps this cool deal. But their limited designs option is another point to consider while buying. It does not offer French-door styles- one of the user’s favorites; instead, it offers a roomier and more classic multi-door style. The 5 different refrigerator designs are: • Side-by-side refrigerators • top-freezer fridges • multi-door refrigerators • Chest freezers • Commercial freezers