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Tcl TV in India

TCL is a budget-friendly brand that is comparatively new in the market, **TCL TVs** are some of the few that use both **Google TV** and **Roku TV** as their operating systems. High-end TVs from TCL are known for their uniform blacks. TCL TVs support all their major HDR formats. ## TCL Smart TV Lineup - **S-Series:** These are the entry-level TVs from TCL available in many sizes like the [S6500FS]( available from 32” to 49”. - **P-Series:** These are the mid-range TCL LED TVs, these are some of the most sold TCL TVs as they provide good high-end features at a competitive price. [TCL 65P8E]( is one of the most successful models in the lineup. - **X-Series:** These are the flagship TVs from TCL equipped with QLED panels and available in up to 8K resolution ## TCL TV Features **8K UHD:** High-end TCL TVs feature 8K displays for an accurate and clear picture quality no matter what you are watching. **ONKYO Audio:** Many mid to high-end TCL TVs come with an ONKYO soundbar for a richer and more immersive audio experience. ## TCL TV Competitors In the low to mid-range TCL smart TVs competes with [OnePlus]( and [Xiaomi]( whereas in the high-end TV market [Samsung]( and [LG]( are among the top competitors of TCL. ## TCL TV Price in India In India, the price of TCL Smart TVs starts from Rs 13500 for the [TCL P30S]( at the bottom end and for the high-end **TCL 75X915**, the asking price is around Rs 250000.