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Samsung TV in India

Samsung is one of the largest TV manufacturers in the world and is often first to bring new and innovative technology in the market. Other than the widely used OLED and LED backlight technology, Samsung Smart TVs are also some of the best QLED TVs. Samsung OLED TVs are usually best in class when it comes to peak brightness and colour reproduction. ## Samsung Smart TV Lineup Samsung has a variety of lineups depending on the price range and the technology used, here are some of the best lineups in their portfolio. - **QN-Series:** The QN series from Samsung offers Neo-QLED displays and the flagship models from the company. The *Samsung QN900A* is the company's flagship TV with 8k support. - **AU-Series:** models starting with AU are flagship Samsung LCD TVs like the *Samsung AU7700*. There is no High Refresh Rate available in this lineup. - **S-Series:** Available in multiple sizes, the S-Series comprises the Samsung OLED TVs that are competitively priced. ## Samsung TV Features - **Neural Quantum Processor:** Powered by AI, the processor recognizes the type of scene on the TV and enhances the media accordingly. - **Quantum Matrix Technology:** Quantum Matrix Technology is used for achieving granular control over the individual zones of LEDs in Samsung LED TVs that helps in improving the contrast of the content. - **FreeSync Premium Pro:** the AMD adaptive refresh technology is used by Samsung Smart TVs to provide stutter free experience while gaming. - **Tizen OS:** Samsung uses their in house Tizen operating system to provide the Smart TV experience. ## Samsung TV Competitors [LG]( and [Sony]( are the biggest competitors of Samsung in the television industry. Samsung also makes [Smartphones](, [Smartwatches](, [Washing Machines](, [Refrigerators]( etc along with TVs. ## Samsung TV Price in India **Samsung Smart TV price in India** starts from Rs 22900 and reaches about Rs 16 Lakh for the flagship 8K QN900B.