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Sony TV in India

SONY TVs are well known for their amazing picture and audio quality. Sony usually stays away from entry-level and low-cost models because of which **SONY TV** portfolio is smaller compared to other giants like Samsung and LG. Also unlike Samsung and LG, where the prior specialise in LED TVs and later in *OLEDs, SONY LED TVs and OLED TVs are high quality*. ## SONY Smart TV Lineup - **W-Series:** The W series like the *SONY W880K* is the budget variant of SONY LED TVs that usually comes maxes out at 1080p resolutions. - **X-Series:** These are the flagship SONY LED TVs, the X-Series features the best SONY has to offer in an LCD panel. [SONY X85K]( is one of the most sold LED TVs from SONY. - **A-Series:** *SONY A95K* is the most advanced SONY OLED TV in the entire brand portfolio and offers all the flagship technologies and best-in-class build quality. ## SONY TV Features **Acoustic Surface Audio+:** Using frame tweeters, Sony makes the whole TV acts as a speaker with a relatively accurate sound stage, or uses the TV as a centre channel for the surround sound system. **XR Triluminos Pro:** Used in high-end TVs, the XR Triluminos Pro feature enhances the colours and contrast allowing natural and precise details even in the shadows. ## SONY TV Competitors Though SONY is king when it comes to the picture and audio quality in the TV segment, due to its high price and limited features, [Samsung]( and [LG]( TVs have become the most significant competitors for the brand. ## SONY TV Price in India In India, the price of SONY Smart TVs starts from Rs 34900 for the **SONY W830K** at the bottom end and in the flagship category, the price of **SONY Z9J mini LED** reaches Rs 1500000.