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Infinix Note 40 Pro Review: A Wireless Charging Wonder

The Infinix Note 40 Pro, priced at Rs 21,999, is a 5G device with excellent daylight photography, a long-lasting battery, and a sharp display.

22-Apr-2024 07:21 AM

Haier C11 vs LG G3: The Battle of OLED Giants

Selecting a TV is crucial when it comes to home entertainment, where every pixel matters and every sound is audible. In the OLED space, two formidable competitors are the Haier C11 and the LG G3. Let's take a closer look at each as we compare them, examining their advantages and disadvantages as well as their features and strengths. We'll also incorporate insightful comments from our testing to make sure you get the most complete information possible to help you make decisions.

19-Apr-2024 06:04 AM

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus: The Ideal Middle Child

With every generation of the Galaxy S series, Samsung has continuously brought innovation and refinement to the ever-changing world of premium smartphones. The Galaxy S24 Plus, which falls in between the base model and the uber-premium model, is the ideal middle child because it provides an amazing balance of features, performance, and affordability. Let's examine this gadget in detail to determine its advantages, disadvantages, and general appeal.

07-Apr-2024 05:44 PM

ASUS ROG STRIX SCAR 16 (2024): Unleash Your Inner Gamer

Get ready to explore a world where gaming expertise and unmatched performance collide—the ASUS ROG STRIX SCAR 16 is a gaming laptop benchmark. Offering an unparalleled gaming experience, this gaming giant has a starting price of Rs 2,89,990 in India. We set out on a quest to learn the mysteries behind its premium performance and pricing in this evaluation.

05-Apr-2024 02:25 PM

Lenovo LOQ 15 Review: Budget-Friendly Gaming Power

The study investigates the performance of the Lenovo LOQ 15 laptop, which features NVIDIA's 4060 series GPU and an Intel 14th-generation CPU, in real-world gaming environments.

04-Apr-2024 07:08 AM

OnePlus Nord CE 4 Review: A Budget Smartphone Worth Considering

The OnePlus Nord CE 4, a robust smartphone for approximately Rs 30,000, features a long battery life, a clean Android experience, and an exceptional primary camera.

03-Apr-2024 07:30 AM


Lenovo Tab M11: An Affordable Content Partner

Tablets and varied content consumption have been synonymous since the release of the first iPad. Tablets, with their bigger screens than smartphones, provide a more immersive experience for binge-watching video on the move. They are replacing laptops in the high-end market and may also function as portable entertainment centres in the budget and mid-range sectors. We examine the Lenovo Tab M11 in more detail today.

01-Apr-2024 02:46 AM

Vivo V30 Review: Stylish and Snappy

This review examines the Vivo V30 series, the successor to the V29, focusing on its distinctive camera and performance improvements.

29-Mar-2024 06:48 AM