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The catalogue of Seiko watches is massive with unrivalled diversity. From budget rock solid sports watches to hand-crafted Grand Seikos that cost Six figures, Seiko watches come in a variety of styles in various price ranges. Not only in designs, but Seiko watches also have a diverse use of technologies from old-school mechanical to solar-powered quartz. Despite their enormous catalogue, Seiko watches share impressive value and typically outperform their competitors in terms of quality. ## Seiko Watches Collection Below are some of the finest collections from the humongous options from the brand. - **Premier:** The Premier collection of Seiko watches for women and men offers classic minimal designs combines with modern themes and innovative technologies. These watches are designed to pair perfectly with formal attire. - **Prospex:** The Seiko Prospex lineup of watches are designed for sports lovers and adventurers to accompany them to challenging limits. The Seiko prospex was the first divers watch launched in Japan. *Prospex ‘Black Series’ Solar Diver’s 1965 Re-interpretation* is a prime example of the Prospex lineup. - **5 Sports:** With the new Seiko 5 watches, the brand carries its values, high levels of reliability and durability it is known for with a fresh design and looks. The Seiko 5 watch can be customized according to the customers. - **Astron:** This lineup of Seiko Watches for men was the world’s first GPS solar watch. Powered by light energy, Astron Watches like the *Seiko Astron Kintaro Hattori 160TH Anniversary LIimited Edition* does not require a change of battery. Since 1985, Seiko has been in partnership with World Athletics, working together in various events. Seiko faces fierce competition from [Tissot](, [Michael Kors]( etc in the premium watch market. ## Seiko Watches Price in India Even though the watches from Seiko look like a piece of art, they are comparatively inexpensive, the range starts from Rs 23000 for the **Dress Quartz Watch - SUR517P1** and ends with **Prospex ‘Antarctic’ 1968 Professional Diver’s Watch RE-CREATION - SLA057J1** priced at Rs 400000.