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Nokia TV in India

Nokia is a fairly new brand entering the Smart TV market. Unlike major manufacturers, the lineup of Nokia Smart TVs is small with a limited number of models currently available. Currently, there are no OLED models from the brand, the catalogue completely consists of Nokia LED TVs. Nokia TVs are comparatively inexpensive but have a good build quality. ## Nokia TV lineup Unlike most brands, Nokia TVs are not classified in lineups as there are very few models from the brand. The **Nokia 55TAUHDN** is one of the flagship models of the Nokia TV lineup. ## Nokia TV features There are several features used by Nokia to improve the viewing experience of the users like - **Sound by ONKYO:** Many Nokia TVs come with sound by ONKYO (a Japanese consumer electronics brand) for dynamic audio to cover the entire room. - **EYE Protect Plus Mode:** The Eye Protect Plus Mode ensures that eyes will experience less strain during media consumption. - **MEMC:** Using the quad-core CPU, Nokia TV uses Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation or MEMC to reduce motion blur to less than a millisecond.Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation. ## Nokia TV Competitors Nokia TVs usually compete in the budget and mid-range markets with Smart TVs from [OnePlus]( and [Mi]( ## Nokia TV price in India In India, the Nokia TV price starts from Rs 18999 for the [Nokia 32TAHDN]( and goes to Rs 69999 for the top-end [Nokia 65TAUHDN](