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Best Trimmer For Men (May 2024)

Updated on: 14-May-2024 08:21 AM

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Do you hate having to waste time and energy trying to sharpen dull razors, treat annoying razor burns, or use ineffective grooming tools? Take your personal hygiene to the next level with top-tier beard trimmers that provide more than just a shave—they guarantee an experience. Put an end to tedious, uncomfortable, and inconsistent habits and welcome to precise, easy, and versatile ones.

Whether you're looking for an all-in-one solution or a set of tools designed to meet your unique grooming requirements, you'll find the best beard trimmers here. Everyone from the most seasoned grooming aficionado to those who have never touched facial hair before can find something useful here.

So, sit back, relax, and let us guide you through the world of superior grooming. It's time to redefine your grooming routine and unlock your true potential. Let's dive in and discover the perfect trimmer for you!

Beard TrimmerPriceRatingKey Features
Philips All-in-One Trimmer ₹3,399.004.313 attachments for face, hair, and body trimming , Up to 120 mins cordless use , 3-year warranty
Philips OneBlade Hybrid Trimmer₹1,799.004.6Dual Protection System , Trim, edge, and shave , 45 mins cordless use , Waterproof
Philips BT1005/10 Trimmer Unavailable4.1Skin-friendly rounded tips , Up to 120 mins cordless use , Adjustable length settings
MI Xiaomi Beard Trimmer 2C ₹1, precision trimming , 90 mins cordless use , 40 length settings , Travel-friendly
Morphy Richards Kingsman Pro ₹1,649.004.212 functions for face , body, and intimate grooming , Up to 120 mins cordless use

1. Philips All-in-One Trimmer for Men (MG7715/65)

Price ₹3,399.00
Rating 4.3 out of 5 stars
Key Features


Ultimate Versatility

Trim and style your face, hair, and body with 13 different attachments, offering a comprehensive grooming experience.

Long-lasting Performance

Enjoy up to 120 minutes of cordless use per charge, ensuring uninterrupted grooming sessions. Additionally, benefit from a quick 5-minute charge option for immediate grooming needs.

Precision at its Finest

Integrated DualCut technology ensures maximum precision with every trim, while the power adapt sensor adjusts to your beard density, providing consistent and efficient results.

Effortless Maintenance

Designed for ease of use, the trimmer features a no-slip rubber grip for improved comfort and control during grooming sessions. Plus, enjoy peace of mind with a generous 3-year warranty.


May feel bulky for some users

Higher price point compared to basic trimmers

2. Philips OneBlade Hybrid Trimmer & Shaver (QP2724/10)

Price ₹1,799.00
Rating 4.6 out of 5 stars
Key Features


Dual Protection System

Engineered to prioritize skin safety, this trimmer is designed to cut hair, not skin, ensuring a comfortable grooming experience without nicks or cuts.

Versatile Grooming

Experience the convenience of trimming, edging, and shaving with unique OneBlade technology, allowing for effortless transitions between grooming styles.

Extended Battery Life

With up to 45 minutes of cordless use after an 8-hour charge, this trimmer ensures prolonged grooming sessions without frequent interruptions.

Waterproof Design

Shave wet or dry, including in the shower, thanks to its waterproof construction, eliminating the need for shaving foam and simplifying your grooming routine.


Not suitable for detailed styling

May require multiple passes for a close shave

3. Philips BT1005/10 Battery Operated Beard Trimmer Series 1000

Price Currently Unavailable
Rating 4.1 out of 5 stars
Key Features

Gentle on the Skin

Featuring rounded tips, this trimmer ensures smooth skin contact for a precise and comfortable grooming experience.

Wireless Convenience

Enjoy up to 120 minutes of cordless use with just 2 AA batteries, providing flexibility and mobility during grooming sessions.

Customizable Trims

Choose from adjustable length settings ranging from 1.5mm to 7mm, with or without the comb attachment, allowing for personalized grooming styles.

Effortless Maintenance

The pop-open head design and included brush make cleaning a breeze, ensuring hassle-free maintenance and longevity of the trimmer.


Limited length settings compared to other models

Battery life may decrease over time

4. MI Xiaomi Beard Trimmer for Men 2C

Price: ₹1,199.00
Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars
Key Features


Precision Grooming

Achieve a flawless finish with 0.5mm precision trimming, ensuring every detail is perfect.

Long-Lasting Battery

Enjoy extended grooming sessions with up to 90 minutes of cordless use on a quick 2-hour charge, ideal for busy schedules.

40 Length Settings

Tailor your style effortlessly with 40 length settings, offering precise control over your desired look.

Travel-Friendly Design

Designed for on-the-go grooming, this cordless trimmer features a safety lock and washable attachments, making it perfect for travel or quick touch-ups.


Build quality may not be as durable

Limited availability of spare parts

Trimming may feel less smooth on longer hair

Charging cable may be too short for some users

5.Morphy Richards Kingsman Pro 12-in-1 Body Groomer (BG3509)

Price ₹1,649.00
Rating 4.2 out of 5 stars
Key Features


All-in-One Solution

Trim and groom your face, body, and intimate areas with ease using the 12 functions packed into this versatile grooming tool.

Multi-Function Combs

Includes 7 combs to cater to various grooming needs, providing flexibility and versatility.

Long Battery Life

Enjoy uninterrupted grooming sessions with up to 120 minutes of cordless use on just a 2-hour charge, ensuring convenience and efficiency.

Fast Charging

The Li-ion battery offers fast charging capability, providing a full charge in just 2 hours, allowing you to get back to grooming quickly without delay.


Bulkier compared to other trimmers

Attachment clips may be prone to breaking

May not provide as close a shave as dedicated shavers

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Upgrade your grooming routine with these top-rated beard trimmers and experience a whole new level of grooming satisfaction. Designed to deliver precision, ease, and versatility, these trimmers are your ultimate grooming companions. Whether you're maintaining a neat stubble or crafting intricate styles, these trimmers have got you covered. Say goodbye to grooming woes and hello to effortless style and confidence. Embrace a grooming experience that's not only hassle-free but also leaves you looking and feeling your best every time you step out.

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