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Apple Emerges as Leading Player in India’s Declining Tablet Market

Posted by Suraj On 19-Aug-2023 06:22 AM

Apple has become the leading player in the Indian tablet market, with a whopping 25% of the market share, says CyberMedia Research. Apple iPad 9th Gen and iPad 10th Gen tabs are among India's best-selling tablets. The iPad 9 captured 42% while iPad 10 series earned 22% of the market share.

Apple Emerges as Leading Player in India’s Declining Tablet Market

The report states that India’s tablet market is noticing 29% of QoQ, quarter to quarter, with 7% YoY growth in 5G tablets. Tablets with Wi-Fi connectivity noticed 12% YoY growth and amounted to 54% of total shipments. Moreover, the growth in demand for premium-range tablets increased by 48% QoQ. Despite such favorable growth statistics, India’s overall tablet market registered a 22% YoY decline compared to Q2 2023.

According to Menka Kumari, Analyst at IIG, CyberMedia Research, the tablet market growth is driven by the adoption of Wi-Fi-enabled tablets in the healthcare and education sectors. The shift towards 5G tablets hints at the immense possibilities and revolution in work.

In a previously shared report for Q2 2023, Apple, Samsung, and Lenovo were on the list of the top three laptop manufacturers, with an overall market share of around 25%, 25%, and 23%. The tablets with 8-inch display sizes amounted to 18% of shipments, while the 10-inch or larger display size tablets contributed 73% of the entire shipment.

There are many reasons for the growth in the demand for larger-screen tablets. One possibility is that most people use tablets for entertainment, like watching videos and playing video games.

In India’s tablet market, Samsung holds the second position with a market share of 25%. Its Tab A8 and Tab A7 Lite registered 31% and 25% of the market share. Samsung tablets under Rs 25,000 - Rs 50,000 price range accounted for 31% of overall sales, while the budget, Rs 10,000 - Rs 20,000 price range tablets contributed 23% to its total sales.

Lenovo stood at the third position with a market share of 23%. Lenovo Tab M10 and Tab M8 HD series earned 17% and 13% of the market share. Lenovo performed better in the price range of Rs 7,000-Rs 25,000.


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