Apple iPhone 12, the most popular 5G phone in India
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Apple iPhone 12, the most popular 5G phone in India

    Posted by Rohit Yadav On 17-Oct-2022 05:59 AM

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With 5G services finally starting to roll out, Indian buyers are increasingly eyeing 5G-enabled mobile phones. Almost every mobile operator offers 5G phones in different price ranges, making it difficult for users to choose. According to Speedtest Intelligence data (via Ookla), in the Indian Market, the iPhone 12 is the most popular 5G smartphone in the market. Launched at a price of Rs 79990 is currently selling for as low as Rs 47499 on Amazon.

In a survey by Ookla, a global network and connectivity intelligence company, 51% of respondents said they already own a 5G phone. According to the survey, the top providers are Samsung (31%), Xiaomi (23%), Realme and Vivo.

“In our survey, 51% of survey respondents already had smartphones supporting 5G. The top smartphone vendors in the market are Samsung (31%), followed by Xiaomi (23%), Realme, and Vivo. While only one in ten survey respondents had an iPhone, Apple smartphones tend to be more 5G capable. In fact, according to Speedtest Intelligence data, the iPhone 12 5G is the most popular 5G-capable device in the Indian market," according to the report by Ookla.


Ookla report highlights that the 5G speeds will reach about 500 Mbps in the best conditions. “We’ve already seen a wide range of 5G download speeds: from low double-digit (16.27 Mbps) to a mindblowing 809.94 Mbps, which points to the fact that the operators are still recalibrating their networks. We expect these speeds to be more stable moving forward as these networks will enter the commercial stage," it adds further.

The report further confirms that Jio is working on an Android based budget 5G phone in partnership with Google. Jio will reportedly launch the smartphone in 2023.


According to a previous survey by Ookla conducted earlier this year, it was found that almost 90% of Indian smartphone users are ready to upgrade to 5G services. In the existing devices, Jio is expected to see the highest shift to 5G services with 67.4% followed by Airtel and Vi India with 61.6 and 56% respectively.