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Important Things to Know Before Buying an Air Conditioner (AC) in India

Posted by Priya Singh On 13-May-2022 10:47 AM

These days, the air conditioner (AC) has become a member of the family, especially for those who live in hot and humid climates. The worst time is in the middle of the summer, when temperatures in urban areas can reach 36-37 degrees Celsius, and rural areas are no exception. It becomes critical to select the greatest air conditioner (AC) for your demands. Air conditioners (ACs) have thankfully gotten much more inexpensive and efficient in recent years. If you're looking to buy a new air conditioner (AC), you've come to the perfect place.

The process of purchasing a new air conditioner (AC) can be perplexing due to the numerous alternatives available; it's difficult to know which one is right for you. Furthermore, each company markets key AC characteristics in its own unique way, making understanding and selection difficult. With this extensive advice on how to choose the best air conditioner for yourself, we made buying an air conditioner a lot easier for you. It explains everything you should take in mind before buying an air conditioner.

Due to the numerous options available, the process of getting a new air conditioner (AC) can be confusing; it's difficult to determine which one is appropriate for you. Furthermore, each company markets essential AC features in its own way, making comprehension and choosing challenging.

How does AC work?

An air conditioner operates similarly to a refrigerator or refrigerator in your home, but to a greater extent. Instead of absorbing the heat from the food items kept in the refrigerator, it absorbs the heat from the entire room. After then, it uses refrigerant to lower the temperature. After absorbing a portion of the room heat, this chemical compound vaporizes, and the remaining heat is vented via the device's exhaustion panel. In this way, it allows you to relax and unwind in the scorching summer heat. During the cooling process, the interior unit generates waste water, which is discharged. Draining the water from the air conditioner indicates that it is operating properly.

Step 1: Pick the Right Air Conditioner (AC)

For air conditioners, we consider cooling capacity, ambient temperature, filtration, the coolant used, and a few of the more advanced features that have recently become prevalent. There are three different types of air conditioners:

  1. Split Air Conditioner (AC)
  2. Window Air Conditioner (AC)
  3. Portable Air Conditioner (AC)

Split Air Conditioner (AC) Indoor and outdoor units are the two units of a split air conditioner (AC). The blower and an evaporator (cooling coils) are found in the interior unit, while the compressor and condenser are found in the outside unit. A pipe runs between the two units.

Split Air Conditioner Pros (AC)

  1. Split air conditioning systems are extremely simple to maintain, thanks to washable filters that can be quickly removed and replaced. Although the outside condenser must be maintained clean, it was designed to be as simple to clean as feasible.
  2. noiseless
  3. more cost-effective and efficient to operate
  4. Installation is simple.

Split Air Conditioner Cons (AC)

  1. Higher Price
  2. Professional installation is required for a split system.


Best split AC in India

  1. Voltas 185Cya 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC
  2. Voltas 245DY 2 Ton 5 Star Split AC
  3. Voltas 243 CYi Classic Yi Series Split AC (2 Ton, 3 Star Rating)
  4. Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC White (185JY)
  5. Onida S092FLT-N 0.8 Ton 2 Star Split AC

Window Air Conditioner (AC)

They're big because they have to fit all of the components into a single chassis. This also means that a consumer has less things to worry about, resulting in the overall item being cheaper than the rest. When compared to split air conditioners (AC), window air conditioners are easier to install and take up less space. Because all of the components are contained in one unit, installing a window air conditioner (AC) is significantly easier and less expensive. They do not, however, have the same stylish appearance as split air conditioners.

For this reason, such ACs are sometimes known as monoblocks. To place a window air conditioner on a wall, you'll need 9-12-inch-thick walls. If your walls are thinner than that, you'll need an additional support structure or you should look for a thicker wall.

Window Air Conditioner Pros (AC)

  1. Installation and uninstallation are simple.
  2. Maintainable
  3. A better choice for a limited space

Window Air Conditioner Cons (AC)

  1. Block window region that is noisy
  2. Do not use in a large space.

godrej ac under 20k.webp

Best window AC in India

  1. Blue Star 2WAE081YC 0.75 Ton 2 Star Window AC
  2. Voltas 185DY 1.5 Tons 5 Star Window AC
  3. Hitachi 2 Ton RAV222HUD Summer QC Window AC
  4. LG LWA5CP3A L-Crescent Plus Window AC (1.5 Ton, 3 Star Rating)
  5. Blue Star 3W18LB 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC
  6. LG 2 Ton, 1 Star LWA6CP1F Window AC

Portable Air Conditioner (AC)

Moving a portable air conditioner (AC) from one room to another is much easier. They seem like window air conditioners, but they can be relocated. One end of the hose should be linked to the AC unit, while the other should be positioned outside the window.

portable ac.jpg

Portable Air Conditioner Pros (AC)

  1. Installation is simple and inexpensive.
  2. It is convenient to transfer from one house to another.

Portable Air Conditioner's Cons (AC)

  1. Noisier
  2. Water management is difficult.
  3. Less Effective

Step 2 - Calculate the required air conditioner capacity based on the size of the room.

When seeking to chill a room, consider the space's size, the amount of heat sources, the ambient temperature of the geographical region, the number of windows in the room, and the number of sun-exposed surfaces. These components play a role in thermodynamics' basic rules, but we're not going to teach you physics in this article; instead, we'll break it down into simple reasoning.

To choose the correct air conditioner size for optimum cooling, you must first learn some basic terms.

  • The British Thermal Unit (BTU) is a unit of measurement for the amount of heat contained in fuels or energy sources.
  • kW stands for kilowatts.
  • Ton is roughly equivalent to 12,000 BTU/h or 3.5 kW of power.
  • 1KW/Hr = 3,412 BTU

Calculate the surface area of the room you want to cool in square feet, and then choose the optimal AC capacity from the chart below to successfully chill the space.

AC Tonnage - Room Type

  1. Up to 0.80 tons-Kids room (Up to 90 sq. ft)
  2. 1 ton -Study Room (90 to 150 sq. ft)
  3. 1.2 – 1.5 tons-Bedroom (Up to 200 sq. ft)
  4. 2 tons- Living Room (200 to 300 sq. ft)

Step 3 - Inverter vs. Non-Inverter Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are available with and without inverters. Inverter air conditioners are typically more energy efficient, but they can cost more. The speed of the compressor in an inverter air conditioner is adjusted to control the refrigerant (gas) flow rate, consuming less current and electricity. When the desired temperature is reached, the inverter adjusts its capacity to eliminate temperature swings.

Inverter Air Conditioner Benefits

  1. Energy Efficient
  2. noise reduction
  3. Longer life span

Non-Inverter Air Conditioner Benefits

Low Cost

What is the difference between a dual inverter air conditioner and a single inverter air conditioner?

Dual inverter air conditioners employ a more advanced version of BLDC motors with twin rotary compressors, whereas single inverter air conditioners use a single-cylinder, single compressor with variable speed drive. The 180-degree phase difference produced by the twin rotary compressor architecture makes it easier to run across a larger frequency range. In comparison to standard inverter air conditioners, dual inverter air conditioners provide improved cooling and energy efficiency.



Filters have the ability to capture particles while also acting as an air cleanser. These air conditioners have a separate changeable filter module, which is more typical in industrial HVAC systems designed for hospitals and clean rooms. Most residential air conditioners lack such sophisticated filters. You should pay attention to the air conditioners that give PPM numbers for recognised pollutants rather than broad words like bacteria filters.


During the cold winter months, certain air conditioners can heat the space. This is advantageous because it reduces the number of appliances required.


Timers allow you to programme the air conditioner to run for a specific amount of time before shutting down on its own. This is useful if you want the room to be colder before going to bed and then want the air conditioner to turn off after a few hours.

Important Feature look when you buying a New AC

  1. Wi-Fi Compatibility
  2. Self-Clean Feature
  3. Activity Sensor
  4. Voice Command Compatibility
  5. App Control

So, these are all of the crucial factors to consider when purchasing a new air conditioner. I hope you will find the majority of your questions about buying an air conditioner answered here. If you have any questions, please contact us through comments or our website

Thank you for your time and consideration.


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