META: Metaverse Still a Few Years Away!
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META: Metaverse Still a Few Years Away!

    Posted by Sparsh Dayal On 20-Feb-2022 08:06 AM

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Facebook owner Meta Platforms told advertising agencies that the technology that blends the virtual and physical universes could begin to turn into a reality for customers in a couple of years, giving more details of its vision for the formation of the metaverse.

Mixed reality (MR) technology could allow an individual wearing an MR headset to use an actual world item to trigger a virtual world response, such as hitting a video game character with a cricket bat, for example.

It is one of the three sorts of extended reality technologies often connected with the metaverse. Extended reality exists, with mobile games like Pokemon Go, however, players can't influence the computerized world with an actual item in the game. Virtual reality headsets, similar to Meta's Oculus, submerge clients into a fully virtual world where they can act according to the environment.

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The comments collected from Meta came on a Zoom call with agencies on Thursday, which was organized to better assist advertisers to understand the metaverse, says an agency executive who was invited on the call. It was Meta's first roundtable conversation with agencies about the metaverse.

The gauge of mixed reality being only a few years away carries extra detail to the course of events of building the metaverse, the futuristic thought of a network of virtual universes that can be accessed from various gadgets, which Meta has said could require around 10 years to assemble.

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Some blended reality headsets are accessible, however, they are not yet intended for general customers. Microsoft's HoloLens 2, which was presented in 2019, retails for $3,500 (generally Rs. 2.61 lakh) and is designed for workplace use.

At its yearly Connect conference in October, Meta reported Project Cambria, a headset that will feature blended reality capabilities and involves face and eye-tracking. The headset is believed to be launched this year.

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Meanwhile, Meta kept on encouraging advertisers to experiment with blended reality ads, for example, photograph and video filters that overlay digital images onto this present reality, an executive from the ad agency said. The comments repeated Meta's pitch at advertisement industry conferences.

Meta said brands could join forces with content makers on AR advertisements or utilize the technology for virtual dress try-on.

The roundtable with agencies needed the lacked detail on what ad formats could be created for the metaverse, or what certain controls would be set up to keep brands from showing up close to unacceptable content or actions, the executive said.

Advertisers are additionally searching for detail on how the viability of ads in the metaverse will be estimated and will inquire "what did I get for my cash?" said the executive. A Meta representative declined to comment.