Xiaomi has launched a battery replacement program in India
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Xiaomi has launched a battery replacement program in India

    Posted by Priya Singh On 14-Jun-2022 08:46 AM

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Xiaomi has introduced a Battery Replacement service in India, allowing consumers to easily replace the batteries in their phones and other devices.


If you own a Xiaomi or Redmi smartphone and need the battery changed, you may do it for Rs 499. The organization is launching a new battery replacement program. It should be highlighted that replacing the battery costs only Rs 499. Xiaomi will charge the right quantity based on the type of battery required.

Xiaomi will only replace the battery if its health has deteriorated below the recommended level. The cost of replacing a battery begins at Rs 499. Of course, if the item is still under warranty and the user has not harmed the battery, the corporation is required to replace it at no expense to the consumer.


Battery health degrades rapidly in older devices Users must charge their smartphones many times every day to keep them operational. These concerns, however, are no longer present with a fresh battery. Users of Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones may replace the battery at their local official brand outlet.

The program allows customers to get their smartphone's battery examined and, if necessary, replaced at approved repair centers.

The batteries for Xiaomi and Redmi handsets would be sold at a starting price of Rs. 499, according to a tweet from Xiaomi's COO, Muralikrishna B. He also supplied a link to the Xiaomi website, which lists approved repair centers and the cost of spare parts across the nation.

Xiaomi is becoming one of the major smartphone brands in India. The firm is presently striving to gain a foothold in the market by developing a powerful and conveniently accessible service network. It released the Xiaomi Service+ app previously this year. Customers may use this application that will help with repairs, check spare part costs, resolve any questions through chat, and schedule installation appointments and demos for their devices.

When should you change your phone's battery?

A smart device's battery is a very crucial component. We can utilize these devices on the fly thanks to their small Li-ion batteries. Constant charging and discharging, on the other hand, cause batteries to lose their capacity to hold a charge.

As a result, they begin to discharge quickly and no longer provide the same degree of backup that they did when they were first installed. The device's overall performance is impacted by a deteriorated battery, and it may begin to malfunction.

While iPhones have built-in capabilities to display battery status, Android phones sometimes do not. You may, however, use apps from the Play Store to assist you in checking your smartphone's battery health.