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Carrier in India

**Carrier – World Leader in HVAC and Refrigeration Solutions** Carrier has the distinction of inventing air conditioning technology to provide relief for millions of people globally from hot and steamy weather. Carrier carries forward the rich tradition into their modern-day air conditioners and ventilation systems. Besides residential cooling solutions, Carrier offers commercial and industrial cooling and refrigeration worldwide. **Air Conditioners – An excellent array of choices** Carrier has an extensive range of air conditioners in their line-up. The products range from window ACs to split ACs and central air conditioning solutions. Carrier ACs are different from other brands because they offer a special brand of Hot and Cold air conditioners that can work with equal efficiency in the summer and winter months. In addition, Carrier offers another brand in Midea AC, an equal in performance to the carrier appliances. **Air Purifiers – an essential aspect of a healthy home** Carrier understands that air purification is critical, especially in a country like India. While their ACs take care of air purification before delivering cool air, Carrier manufactures an excellent range of air purifiers in India. These portable air purifiers offer different filters like HEPA filters, Activated Carbon filters, and others. Carrier is the universal solution for your air cooling and purification demands.