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Blue Star in India

**Blue Star – Leaders in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration** Blue Star is synonymous with cooling technology. This company has the expertise of 75 years behind it in providing cooling solutions globally. Besides manufacturing high-quality air conditioners for domestic applications, Blue Star is also a market leader in providing commercial cooling solutions like centralized air conditioning, cold storage manufacturing, and commercial refrigeration. **Top Class AC Manufacturers** Blue Star manufactures an extensive range of air conditioners, including split inverter ACs, fixed split ACs, window ACs, and portable ACs. Blue Star does not compromise on the quality aspect in any way. The customer’s requirement is foremost in their mind when designing the perfect AC for the household. The primary focus is on providing excellent cooling with minimum power consumption. **Other Products** Besides ACs, Blue Star has an exclusive range of air coolers, including personal, tower, desert, and window air coolers. The company has also forayed into water purifiers by offering alkaline water purifiers, RO++, UV, and Mineral water purifiers. As a result, you can rely on Blue Star to deliver the best air purifiers in town that care for indoor air pollution. In addition, the company produces deep freezers and bottled water dispensers. Blue Star is the name to look out for quality, technological supremacy, and excellent after-sales service.

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