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Voltas in India

**Voltas – Pioneer in Air Conditioning in India** A part of the Tatas Group, Voltas considers itself the pioneer in air conditioner manufacturing in India. The company has a 67-year old history of manufacturing high-quality air cooling solutions. In addition, Voltas manufactures ACs for domestic and commercial use. **Thoroughbred Cooling Solutions** Voltas concentrates on providing maximum satisfaction to the customers by introducing energy-efficient designs in their inverter ACs. The Adjustable AC and the Maha Adjustable AC are two such products that provide top-quality cooling while ensuring maximum energy conservation. In addition, Voltas has introduced its Pure Air AC that purifies the air before circulating it inside the room. Further, Voltas has its customary split and window-type AC to cater to its budget customers. **Other Principal Products** Other than ACs, Voltas air coolers are popular among the Indian clientele. Voltas also manufactures some of the best air purifiers in the country. Besides air cooling systems, Voltas refrigerators are famous for delivering excellent cooling and keeping your food fresh. Voltas is a single-stop solution for meeting commercial cooling requirements with deep freezers, coolers, and water dispensers. A Voltas product is ideal for every home as they ensure full value for money.