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Haier in India

**Haier – Top Class European Standards** Haier has a reputation for being the No 1 brand of major appliances for 12 consecutive years. While renowned for offering the best refrigeration appliances, Haier produces an extensive range of consumer durable products like air conditioners, deep freezers, water heaters, wine cellars, LED TVs, and commercial air conditioners. **Haier Air Conditioners** Haier domestic air conditioners can perform efficiently even if the temperature outside exceeds 60 degrees Celsius. The triple-inverter technology available in the top-end brands self-adjusts to your demands and offers up to 65% energy savings. Self-clean technology is another innovative feature available in Haier ACs. **Other Haier electronics products** Haier has introduced a range of innovative technologies like Bottom Mounted and French Door with convertible sections in their refrigerator brands. Haier washing machines feature technologies like Self Clean technology and Near Zero Pressure. Besides, Haier offers a range of other products like water heaters with shockproof technology. Haier LED TVs are renowned for offering excellent performances. Other than the products described above, Haier microwave ovens are popular among Indian households. Haier ensures high levels of customer satisfaction by offering extended warranties, demo videos, troubleshooting support on-call, and instruction manuals.