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Google Pixel Watch render confuses people with its bezels

Updated on: 30-Sep-2022 10:41 AM

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The Pixel Watch is set to be unveiled at Google's fall event and we are all excited, but a recent Taiwanese design teaser puts us in a different light.


One Reddit user's keen eye noted in an overseas teaser that the size of the Pixel Watch's bezel is small. The teaser is exactly the same one that made me dizzy a few days ago, the only difference is that his Pixel Watch face shown in this video is now more prominent and takes up more space.

pixel watch bezels.jpg

It feels a little strange that the one we saw a few days ago has thicker bezels and a smaller display overall. Now, when it comes to smartwatches, many of the best smartwatches right now are looking to shrink the bezels, leaving more room for apps and content, especially on an already small display.

However, Google seems pretty evasive when it comes to showing his Pixel Watch's actual bezel size in promotional materials. The watch face design may grab your attention, but what you see closely, it doesn't have much in the background for us to judge the bezels for ourselves. It is hard to separate the bezels from the actual display in promotional images and videos because of the empty background and smooth design of the watch.

Additional comments on the Reddit thread question which of the display bezels are real. There might be an issue with the renders, where the face was shown incorrectly.

Google Pixel Watch Software.jpg

When will the Pixel Watch launch?

Ultimately there are still several days for the MadebyGoogle event. The Pixel Watch will be launched alongside the Google Pixel 7 and the Google Pixel 7 Pro. For more information about the event click here.

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