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Beat the Heat: Window AC Buying Guide

Updated on: 27-Feb-2024 01:22 PM

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Window Air Conditioner Buying Guide: Things to know before buying a new unit to cool down this summer!

Cool down the summer smartly by choosing window AC. Yes, it's absolutely an amazing choice. The air conditioning unit can be put in a window or a window-like opening in the wall. Hence the name Window AC.

Window air conditioners are single-unit equipment that quickly chill your room. The cooling or condenser unit, as well as all other components, are housed in a box-shaped enclosure.

Because the item is practically one piece, it is also simple to install. You can always pair it with various air conditioner accessories. Window air conditioners are typically less expensive than other varieties due to their simple design and installation.

In this article you will learn multiple things before buying after buying and why to buy Window Air Conditioners.

Things to Know Before Buying a Window AC

  • Calculate the AC power or tonnage to area ratio in square feet (or square meters).

  • Must be installed in a window, so check the size and shape of the window.

  • Proper drainage can sometimes be challenging, so consider how to direct water away from condensation.

  • Take a quick look over the comparison between Windows ACs and choose as per your needs with the smart functions that you want

  • Consider the nearby Location voltage.

Things to consider before deciding on the area of ​​​​the room.

  • For square and rectangular rooms, multiply the total length by the width.

  • For a triangular room, multiply the length by the width and divide by 2.

  • Complex room construction: divided into square, rectangular, and triangular.

  • So, use the example. The above calculates the sum of squares and keep reading more to know how the performance of Windows AC is proportional with the size of your room.


Consider your square footage to get the right size window AC?

There is an obvious connection between square feet and the cooling effect of an air conditioner. Other factors must also be considered, but the most important consideration before purchasing an air conditioner is the square footage. If you place the random idea on the BTUs per square foot, it should be 20 BTUs per square foot. Using the cooling capacity table, calculate the room dimensions in the Cooling Area (Square Feet). column, then use the "Required Capacity (BTUs per hour)" section to get the correct temperature for the room air conditioner.

BTU, what does it mean?

BTU is an abbreviation for British Thermal Unit, a unit of measurement that indicates how much energy your air conditioner consumes to remove heat from your home in an hour. It may appear unduly scientific, but BTU is a vital statistic for determining the type of air conditioner needed for a home of your size.

How does BTUs get calculated?

According to Consumer Reports, air conditioners typically use around 20 BTUs per square foot to cool a residential space. To estimate the number of BTUs required, multiply the square footage of your room (or entire home) by 20.

Area To Be Cooled (square feet)Capacity Needed (BTUS per hour)
100 up to 1505,000
150 up to 2506,000
250 up to 3007,000
300 up to 3508,000
350 up to 4009,000
400 up to 45010,000
450 up to 55012,000
550 up to 70014,000
700 up to 1,00018,000
1,000 up to 1,20021,000
1,200 up to 1,40023,000
1400 up to 1,50024,000
1,500 up to 2,00030,000
2,000 up to 2,50034,00

Note: Capacity is based on 8-foot ceilings.

Last but not least the list should be considered before you buy

  • If the room is substantially shadowed, limit the capacity by 10%, and if it is sunny increase the capacity by 10 %.

  • After checking each element lastly, add 600 BTUS for each additional person in your room to achieve the desired cooling.

  • If the unit is to be used in a kitchen, then add an extra 4000 BTUS.

  • Correct placement before installation is necessary to work on hence, search for a unit that can direct the airflow in the right direction.

  • Check the energy star. The best one among the products is determined by the number of stars it has. Products with more stars give greater energy efficiency, energy savings, and environmental protection.

Why it's a good choice to buy Windows AC?

A tiny window air conditioner is sufficient to cool your bedroom or study. However, larger sizes are available for your living room. If you're in the market for a new window air conditioner, there are many options available. Anti-dust filters keep dust and germs out, allowing you to breathe fresh, clean air. Some types have mildew-resistant filters that prevent mold growth. Turbo Cooling Mode speeds up cooling, and self-diagnosis tools automatically detect any problems.

Models with rear cabinet protection include a rear cover that protects the exterior heat exchanger unit from sunlight and dust. Most versions come with a copper condenser, which cools faster than an aluminum one. The window air conditioner prices are high.

The best window ACs for your home can be scrolled on comparos. in


Electric Power Requirements

Because window heaters are more powerful than typical household equipment, ensure that the current electrical system matches the unit's electrical specifications. 220 Volt: Window conditioners with cooling capacities of more than 15,000 BTU operate on a 220V line.

Installation of windows AC

Most window air conditioners are designed to fit ordinary double-hung windows. Many models, however, may be mounted in specific wall spaces with the use of specialized installation tools.

Windows: Measure the interior dimensions of the window frame precisely, giving special attention to the breadth. Don't worry if your pattern does not fit the window frame.

All window air conditioners come with an installation kit that includes side curtains to cover the additional area on either side of the unit. Once installed, the window air conditioner is reversed, the exhaust system faces outward, and the heating system faces inward. All window air conditioners come with simple installation instructions.

Closing note

Window air conditioners are an effective, energy-efficient alternative for rooms without air conditioning or that are hotter than the rest of your home. If a window is not accessible, some units can be put through a wall instead. All window units include an installation kit. Consider the size of your room to calculate the appropriate BTU level for proper cooling that will keep it cool for years to come.


Q. How would you logically emphasize that room size is very important?

A. When sizing an air conditioner, the size of the room is matched to the size of the air conditioner. If the device is too large, it will remove both heat and moisture from the air and will cool the space before it can remove humidity. The room will be uncomfortable since the cool moist air will make it seem damp and clammy and it goes vice versa for the smaller one.

Q. What are the discomforts of utilising window AC that cannot be ignored?

The first thing that we can immediately label discomfort is noise, which can be bothersome at times. Otherwise, we can't complain about the window AC.

Q. What innovative aspects of Windows AC may make it feel specifically tailored?

A. You may personalize your window AC unit experience by setting timers, remotely managing it, or adjusting energy usage.

Consider the following major smart window AC features: scheduling, environmental modes, and Wi-Fi connectivity. Smart capabilities are arriving on more window air conditioners, allowing you to operate them via a mobile phone app or voice command.

Q. Do I need to remove the window coverings at the end of each summer?

A. Decide whether you will remove the air freshener at the end of summer or leave it on the windowsill all year round. With a permanent setup, you won't have to reinstall your air conditioner every year. While a fixed AC mount provides good protection, it doesn't provide as much ventilation as a quality window that is fully sealed.

Q. Do I need to take down the window coverings at the end of each summer?

A. Decide if you will remove the air freshener at the end of the summer or keep it on the windowsill all year. With a permanent installation, you won't have to replace your air conditioner every year.

Q. How can I clean and maintain my window air conditioner?

A. Cleaning and maintaining a window air conditioner is super easy. During peak season, the filter is cleaned once per month, and the washable filter can be cleaned with water and mild detergent before allowing it to air dry.

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