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HAIER - a trustworthy brand for refrigerator

Posted by Priya Singh On 03-Jun-2022 11:51 AM

Haier is a well-known brand that needs to be recognized. According to market research firm IDC, Haier is the global market leader in the white goods (major home appliances) category. Given that Haier was formerly a debt-ridden refrigerator manufacturer, this is a remarkable achievement.


In the last three decades, Haier has undergone a dramatic transformation. Its current growth rate is such that it is adding more than 100 new consumers per minute! This is one of the few Chinese brands with international recognition and a strong brand value. Haier is responsible for more than 80% of Chinese consumer durables exports, according to statistics.

Haier launched operations in India in 2004 as part of its "internationalizing strategy," and Haier expand his kingdom in many different cities after this. It gives employment to around 500 employees from various backgrounds in more than 30 different Indian cities.

In 2019, Haier launched a new line of creative and stylish refrigerators in India. With a new refrigerator catalog, Haier has labored to build technologies that are not only modern but also carefully satisfy the needs of the Indian consumer. Apart from LG, Haier is the only brand that offers a whole line of refrigerators, from the little 50L single door to the large 700L multi-door.


Haier launched their refrigerator models in the given below segment: • Refrigerator with a single door • Refrigerator with two doors • Refrigerator with a bottom mount • Refrigerator with French doors • Refrigerators that are side by side

Some of the Technology Highlights of Haier Refrigerators

8-in-1 feature Refrigerator

Convertible technology, in which the freezer and refrigerator roles are reversed, interchanged, or simply turned on and off independently of one another, is one of the most sought-after features in refrigerators these days. Though brands such as Samsung, LG, and Whirlpool offer this feature, according to our research, only Samsung and Haier offer true convertible refrigerators. Samsung was the first to develop convertible refrigeration technology, and Haier has worked on it. New Haier BMR models, such as the HEB-25TRF, feature an 8-in-1 convertible refrigerator.

expensive refrigerator.jpg

Here is a list of the 8 mode that is available in Haier refrigerators: • Normal operation mode • Vegetarian mode • Mode of being alone at home • Freezer setting • Vacation mode is active. • Mode of surprise party • Summer is here! • Quickly relax mode

Faster Cooling with Turbo Icing Technology

When you have guests over for a party, it always happens that we forget about ice and when the party starts, we realize that we don't have any ice! With contemporary Haier refrigerators featuring Turbo Icing technology, this panicked situation can be easily handled. The Turbo Icing reduces the freezer temperature in just 49 minutes. This is made possible by improved design, which reduces the compressor cycle exactly to enable lightning-fast cooling. Operation without the use of a stabilizer


Another advantage of the latest Haier refrigerators is that they may function without the use of a separate stabilizer. These freezers can run continuously without fear of damage from voltage fluctuations. Furthermore, if the voltage fluctuation exceeds the established permitted limits, the power supply is automatically turned off, ensuring that the refrigerator is not harmed. In the voltage range of 135V to 290V, Haier refrigerators are built to operate as voltage stabilizers.

Dealing with Power cuts

In India, power outages and load shedding are prevalent, especially in remote towns and villages. Refrigerators are particularly vulnerable to unpredictable blackouts because they operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Power outages pose a severe threat of food spoiling. With clever design and larger cooling pads, Haier’s new refrigerators are well-equipped to resolve this issue.

The new Haier single-door refrigerator series has been updated based on extensive research and analysis of refrigeration technology. As a result of this research, new Haier refrigerators keeps food frozen for several hours without the use of electricity. This means that during blackouts, even ice cream kept in the refrigerator will not melt for a few hours. Another advantage of this cooling pad is that it is larger than typical cooling pads. A larger size translates into a longer cooling retention duration.

The interior edges of the new direct cool Haier refrigerators have a diamond edge design to complement the impact of cooling gel. The key advantage of this design is that it slows down the ice melting process. This comes in handy during power outages, since it helps to extend the cooling retention duration.

Toughened Glass Shelves and a 90 Degree Contour Door

A slider chiller tray for filling dairy goods with a cover keeps the food intact and fresh for longer in Haier's contemporary multi-door models. The temperature in the chiller tray is frequently colder than in the refrigerator section. When a heavy block of food is kept inside the refrigerator, one of the most common problems that refrigerator customers confront is shelf cracking Large companies, such as Haier, have noticed the problem and responded with reinforced glass shelves in their new models. Toughened glass shelves can support more weight without shattering. Toughened glass shelves can withstand additional weight without breaking.

haier vegetables.jpg

This toughened glass shelf has a solid edge that prevents liquid from seeping through in the event of a spill. As a result, it can easily withstand the load and fluids.

Vegetable crispers in high-end Haier models are roughly 50% larger than standard ones. Another useful feature is that, because of its 90 Degree Contour door design, the crisper can be readily removed even if there is limited space for opening the door. This would be useful for the people who intend to install their refrigerator in a location where the full door opening is difficult.

Customizable My Zone Drawer Premium side-by-side models include a full-depth huge drawer named My Zone at the bottom. The nicest aspect of the My Zone drawer is that it can be configured to three different chilling modes depending on your needs. All that is required is to hit the mode button on the front door's LED control panel. The following are the modes:

  • Q-Cool
  • D–Frost
  • Chiller

Ice and water are automatically dispensed from a luxury home bar

Filling a glass with cooled water or fresh ice is as simple as pressing a lever. This convenience is provided by premium Haier models' Luxury Home Bar feature, which allows you to do so without having to open the entire refrigerator. They include an inline automatic dispenser that delivers water, cubed or crushed ice at the touch of a button. Users can also specify the amount of water they require, and the fridge will automatically fill the container with that amount.

Food Protection with a Removable Anti-Fungal Gasket

A refrigerator basket is a flexible elastic strip affixed to the refrigerator's exterior border.

Modern Haier refrigerators have an airtight frame that keeps the cool air within the device separate from the warm outside air. This gasket is also constructed of antibacterial material, which keeps the stored food clean and free of microorganisms. It's also removable, so users may quickly clean it if necessary. As a result, the airtight gasket maintains freshness by preventing the entry and accumulation of bacteria-laden spores and dust particles, which can spoil food stored in the refrigerator.

Sophisticated Glass Doors

Haier just released an unconventional glass door refrigerator with a gleaming glass surface. With its appealing glossy texture, the glass surface can also be used as a decorative component. Haier refrigerators with premium glass doors are dust-free, scratch-resistant, and rust-proof.

haier premium.jpg

Use a Child Lock and Door Alarm.

The Child Lock function included in new Haier models prohibits the toddler from opening the door and making adjustments to the refrigerator's settings. Additionally, select models include a Door Alarm, which informs the user if the refrigerator door is left open for an extended period. As a result, Child Lock and Door Alarm would be a lifesaver for parents of inquisitive toddlers.

Premium multi-door refrigerators come with a fuzzy logic controller. The sensor's job is to constantly monitor changes in the compartment's temperature. The controller changes the temperature based on the sensor's inputs to ensure that the stored food and drinks are kept as fresh as possible. Another useful feature is the Holiday Function, which, when enabled, allows the freezer compartment to run normally while maintaining the temperature in the fridge compartment. This ensures that energy consumption is kept to a minimum. It is a beneficial feature for frequent travelers who are concerned about their refrigerator consuming too much electricity while on vacation.


Haier is to refrigerators what Xiaomi is to smartphones: a Chinese brand with a good set of features that precisely meets the needs of its customers. It, like Xiaomi, offers popular features and functions at a low price, giving larger manufacturers like Samsung and Whirlpool a run for their money.

Haier was ranked among the top 20 most trusted brands in India. Haier beat Whirlpool as the world's leading refrigerator producer in 2008.

Haier could be your go-to brand if you want efficient cooling with energy savings at a reasonable price point, thanks to Haier’s impressive features like Customizable drawers, Fuzzy Logic Controller, and Full DC inverters Compressor.


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