Apple Watch Ultra: Why you might want to spend more
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Apple Watch Ultra: Why you might want to spend more

    Posted by Rohit Yadav On 22-Sep-2022 07:50 AM

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Apple’s most advanced watch till date, the Apple Watch Ultra shares many internal specs with the mainstream Apple Watch Series 8. Both smartwatches are powered by the new S8 processor, both feature similar health monitoring systems like Blood Oxygen and ECG and other wellness features.

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The Apple Watch Ultra is a more focused smartwatch, the watch has an edge in durability and has several features that are exclusive to it, when compared to the Series8. Here are some key features that differentiate it from its “cheaper” brother.

2000 nits Super Bright Display

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The Apple Watch Ultra display is not only the brightest display we have seen on any smartwatch, it is brighter than most smartphones and even TVs. The Watch Ultra can run its display at a staggering 2000 nits. The extremely bright display helps the Apple watch to maintain easy readability in extreme sunlights. It is already hard to view normal smartwatch displays in direct sunlight and it becomes even more troublesome if you are wearing sunglasses. The bright display helps with extra visibility when it is needed. Additionally Apple Watch Ultra features the largest display seen on any Apple Watch. With the larger display, Apple introduced an all new Wayfinder Watch Face, which is exclusive to Apple Watch Ultra.


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While the Apple Watch Series 8 comes with Aluminium and Stainless Steel bodies which are durable enough, they fall short when compared to the Apple Watch Ultra. The Watch Ultra is constructed with Aerospace Grade Titanium. The Titanium build not only makes the Watch Ultra more durable it also makes it corrosion resistant (upto some extent). Moreover, the Apple Watch Ultra has bespoke bands that are designed for specific outdoor activities. Also the Watch Ultra can withstand extreme temperatures from -20° to 55° C.

Better Water Resistance

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According to Apple, the Watch Ultra is twice as water resistant compared to the Apple Watch Series 8. While the Series 8 can survive upto 50 m of depth, the Apple Watch Ultra takes it to another level by surviving upto 100 m. Apple also added a dedicated app for adventurers who like to dive underwater.

The ‘Oceanic+’ app automatically kicks in when the watch detects it is underwater. With the help of Depth gauge and Water temperature sensors, the Watch can show key data regarding the depth, location, pressure and many other safety warnings.

Dual Band GPS

Dual Band GPS allows Apple Watch Ultra to have a more reliable location tracking. This helps adventure junkies set precise markers which is a useful feature in wilderness. Moreover it also helps to navigate back to a marked location safely if you ever find yourself lost.

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There is also a 86 db siren in it, which is extremely useful in case you get stuck during adventures. The siren can be heard from a distance of up to 180m. This siren can be tethered to the Action Button for quick executions.

The Ultra Battery Life

Where the regular Apple Watch Series 8 offers a full day battery life with up to 18 hrs battery backup. The Watch Ultra doubles it with up to 36 hours of battery when all the features are in use. Apple also added ‘low power’ mode to the latest lineup of Apple Watches. With Low Power mode enabled, the Apple Watch Ultra can last for around 60 hours. This is extremely useful for adventurers who don’t have easy access to a charging point.