Google Working On Snoring Detection Features - Reports
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Google Working On Snoring Detection Features - Reports

    Posted by Priya Singh On 29-May-2022 01:29 PM

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Have you ever thought that you can detect your snoring at night? According to Google Health Study, now The Snore and Cough can be detected with the help of a detector feature in android and/or pixel smartphones.

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Google is reportedly working on API integration of snoring and cough detectors into Pixel smartphones and/or Android. Currently, access to a sleep audio collection study, which is available only to Google employees, was discovered in the most recent Google Health Studies update strings.

The cough and snoring algorithms will most likely revert to a bedside monitoring point on Android. The company has yet to confirm whether the new features will be exclusive to Pixel or available on Android also. It's also unclear whether the new features will be included with Google Fit or Clock.

According to 9To5Google report, Google is currently working on new technology to bring a new feature I.e. detection of snores and coughs. A Sleep Audio Collection study that is currently only available to Google employees was reportedly discovered in a string of the most recent update of Google Health Studies. Google-coughing-and-snoring-feature-feat..webp

According to the string, to participate in the study, an android user must be a full-time Google employee with an Android smartphone. It also stated that the environmental condition required for the study is that only one adult must sleep in one room and the user cannot be an employee of the competitor company.

According to the report, Google explained that the Health Seeing platoon is laboriously working to provide an advanced suite of sensing capabilities and algorithms to bias running Android. It is said to be aimed at providing user addicts with perceptive information about their sleep. The Cough and Snore algorithms are expected to make their way to Android bias as a bedside monitoring point that will also work in a privacy-conserving manner.


The rumors on the internet have not specified whether the Snore and Cough detection features will be available to all Android users or just the Google Pixel line-up It is expected that the features will be available first on Pixel phones. It's also unclear whether the point will come with the Google Fit or Timepiece apps.