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Navigation Triumph: Man Uses Google Maps to Catch Phone Thief

Updated on: 06-Feb-2024 06:43 AM




Using Google Maps, Raj Bhagat, a Tamil Nadu building engineer, was able to locate and retrieve his father's phone and pilfered luggage. The theft happened on the Nagercoil-Kacheguda Express during his father's trip, and the burglar got off the train at Tirunelveli Junction. The creative application of technology was essential.

After using Google Maps to follow the thief's path, Bhagat's father got in touch with him regarding a theft. The GPS data indicated that the robber was returning to Nagercoil on a different train. At Nagercoil station, Bhagat, his buddy Babi, and the railway police tracked the thief in an attempt to retrieve the stolen goods.

Despite navigating a busy station, Bhagat and his crew were able to effectively search for a suspect carrying a black bag with the CITU insignia. Despite some difficulties at first, they were able to locate the burglar by using Google Maps.

On their motorcycles, Bhagat and his companion pursued a robber, closing the distance to the offender's position. Due to the CITU insignia on his luggage, they were able to locate him two meters away. They were able to retrieve the bag and stolen phone with the assistance of onlookers.

After being apprehended, the thief found various stolen goods, including cash, railroad chains, Bluetooth earbuds, and a mobile phone charger. Bhagat highlighted the fortunate aspects, such as the thief's path through Nagercoil and the continuous phone tracking, and expressed gratitude for the cooperation between technology, community involvement, and law enforcement.

"I count it a blessing that the thief left the phone on during the whole incident. He added, "It was also lucky that he had to travel through Nagercoil, a place I know well, and I was lucky to know how to use maps and navigate them," on X (now Twitter).


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