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Croma Washing Machine in India

Croma Washing Machines: Making Laundry a Breeze

Croma is an Indian electronics and consumer brand that offers a variety of consumer goods and home equipment, including washing machines, are available from Croma.

With capacities, designs, and features to fit household demands, Croma offers a wide variety of washing machine models. These models are available to meet the needs and tastes of different customers.

Croma is renowned for providing inexpensive and cost-effective appliances, including washing machines. As a result, a variety of people can purchase their items.

Quality That's Always in Style!

Front-Load Washing Machines:

Croma's front-load washing machines are renowned for their energy efficiency and water-saving features, featuring various wash programs, digital displays, and advanced modes.

Top-Load Washing Machines:

Croma's top-load washing machines are designed for user convenience, offering easy loading and unloading, multiple wash programs, and efficient performance.

Fully Automatic Washing Machines:

Croma's fully automatic washing machines provide a hassle-free laundry experience with automatic water level adjustment, customizable wash programs, and efficient cycles.

Semi-Automatic Washing Machines:

Croma's semi-automatic washing machines offer users greater control over the washing process, featuring separate wash and spin tubs, manual water input, and various wash modes.

About Croma

Croma, established in 2006 by Tata Sons subsidiary Infiniti Retail, offers a broad selection of consumer electronics and home appliances. By opening locations in important cities, the brand increased its market share throughout India.

In an effort to give customers value and quality, Croma offers a variety of consumer electronics and home appliances, including Croma-branded televisions, home appliances, and accessories.