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Sansui Washing Machine In India

Sansui Washing Machines: Your Laundry, Your Rules, Smartly Done

With Sansui, the Indian consumer can expect the best of Superior Technology and the trust of Japanese quality.

For Indian users, Sansui washing machines are specifically created with Multi-function Wash Programmes and Ergonomic Knobs to meet their unique needs.

Sansui has created an incredibly powerful washer with a small exterior using cutting-edge technology without sacrificing its quality or performance.

Smart Cleaning for Smart Homes!

1. Front Load Fully Automatic:

Sansui's washing machine offers low vibration and noise, a hassle-free 24-hour preset, and thorough stain removal. Its stainless steel drum ensures time-efficiency and convenience, maximizing performance and drying time. The machine also features a large capacity for efficient laundry drying.

2. Top Load Fully Automatic:

Our washing machine offers preset programmes for efficient laundry, designed for Indian needs. Built-in sensors enhance productivity and performance. The machine also features an advanced radial and flow pulsator for deep dirt removal and effective stain removal.

3. Top Load Semi Automatic:

Sansui's innovative Spick and Span washing machine is compact yet powerful, featuring a durable design and a super spinner for efficient water dispensement, ensuring efficiency and longevity in laundry.

About Sansui

Sansui Electric Co., Ltd. was established in 1947 in Tokyo, Japan, and first produced transformers before branching out into electronics.

Sansui entered consumer electronics in the 1960s, producing high-quality audio equipment and televisions. In the 1970s, they pioneered hi-fi equipment, renowned for their sound quality and performance.