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Onida Washing Machine in India

Onida Washing Machines: Performance That Speaks for Itself

Onida is an Indian company well known for its line of consumer electronics items, which includes televisions, air conditioners, refrigerators, and washing machines.

Top-loading, front-loading, semi-automatic, and fully automatic washing machines are all available from Onida.

Compact washing machines offer basic features and smaller capacities for simple movement, making them perfect for small flats or locations with limited appliance space.

Turning Dirty into Clean, Every Time!

The washer has Crystal Drum Technology for improved performance, Fuzzy Logic for automatic wash load selection, and a Dynamic Display for simple programme selection and viewing.

Accidental configuration modifications are prevented by the Child Lock function. Child lock features increase safety by preventing mishaps and washing cycle disruptions, ensuring the machine does its work properly.

The Aqua Saver Technology shortens wash cycles and cuts down on water use.

Even with little water, clean garments can be obtained because of the Magic Filter's lint collection.

About Onida

Onida was established in 1981 in Mumbai, India, and initially specialized in the production of televisions. Due to creative designs and memorable advertising campaigns, it quickly became well-known in the 1980s and 1990s, and the "Devil" mascot became a recognisable emblem.

Onida, a leading consumer electronics and home appliance company, has expanded its product portfolio and prioritized quality and after-sales service to build consumer trust.