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Hafele Washing Machine in India

Hafele Washing Machine: Your Vision, Our Expertise

Since its establishment in Germany in 1923, Hafele has held a significant position in the furniture and architectural hardware sectors.

The washing machine from Hafele Appliances has three temperature settings for heavy to light stains and clever programmes to get rid of different kinds of stubborn stains.

The 100% Dry Just Wash and Wear washer dryer combination from Hafele Appliances is a productive appliance with condenser drying technology that provides flexibility in time- or energy-saving programmes.

Quality That Lasts, Service That Delights!

1. Front Load Fully Automatic Machine:

A front-loading design, several wash programmes, inverter technology for energy efficiency, a higher drum capacity, a high spin speed for improved water extraction, and digital controls for programme selection and monitoring are all features of fully automatic front load washing machines. They provide for a range of laundry requirements and fabric varieties.

2. Fully Automatic Dryer Washing Machine:

Fully automatic dryer washing machines combine washing and drying functions in a single unit, with sensor drying technology. They have a large drum capacity, various drying programs, and digital controls for easy selection and monitoring.

About Hafele

Hafele is a well-known manufacturer of fittings, hardware, and systems with a strong focus on quality and dependability that is anchored in a long history of German engineering. Despite operating all around the world, Hafele is still a family-owned company.

Over a million families worldwide can find reliable solutions from the international home improvement brand Hafele. They work hard to offer the best home improvement experiences for years to come. They have 38 subsidiaries throughout Europe, America, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, along with 9 sales offices.