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Haikawa Washing Machine in India

Haikawa Washing Machines: Effortless Cleaning, Exceptional Results

In PAN India, Haikawa Appliances is a quickly expanding e-commerce business that produces premium home appliances and washing machines.

Haikawa Appliances creates and manufactures high-quality appliances that enhance daily living. They value collaboration, creativity, dependability, quickness, and passion. Their service centre offers prompt, efficient, high-quality support for their goods.

Your Path to Spotless Clothes!

1. Semi Automatic Twin Tub Machine:

Haikawa introduces its latest Semi Automatic Twin Tub Series Washing Machines in 7 kg and 8 kg variants. These machines feature smart design, ABS panel, 35 minute wash cycles, 15 minute spin cycle, 1350 RPM spin speed, buzzer, wheels, and 3 wash modes with two water inlets.

2. Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine:

The product is a semi automatic machine with a top loading type and a capacity of 8 kg.It features a wash timer of 35 minutes, a spin timer of 15 minutes, and a spin speed of 1350 rpm, along with safety features like a buzzer.

About Haikawa

Haikawa Appliances prioritizes quality and innovation, working closely with top global suppliers to produce comfortable air conditioners and refrigeration products. Their philosophy emphasizes dignity, integrity, and perfection, aiming to deliver high-quality products at affordable rates.

It is a reliable brand that provides washing machines that are rust-free, energy-efficient, and have rapid wash programmes for quick, efficient cleaning.