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Thomson Washing Machine in India

Thomson Washing Machine: Bringing Innovation to Your Laundry Room

Televisions, audio equipment, and home appliances are just a few of the consumer electronics and appliances that the French company Thomson is famous for.

Thomson, a renowned brand in the consumer electronics and home appliances industry, is known for its exceptional quality of products, including washing machines.

Wash It Right, Every Time!

1. Fully Automatic Washing Machine:

Fully automatic washing machines handle the entire washing process with minimal human intervention, including loading, rinsing, and spinning. Available in front-loading and top-loading models, they feature digital controls for selecting programs, water temperature, spin speed, delay start, child lock, and custom options. They also have an automatic water inlet based on load size and program.

2. Semi-Automatic Washing Machine:

Semi-automatic washing machines have two tubs for washing and rinsing, requiring manual transfer of clothes. They offer more control over the washing process and water consumption, are simple to use, budget-friendly, and suitable for homes with limited space. They are often smaller in size than fully automatic models.

About Thomson

Because of the dependability and quality of its products, generations of families have relied on the Thomson brand to support everyone's everyday life both at home and elsewhere for more than 120 years.

Thomson brand provides high-tech, reliable, and affordable household appliances and high-performance products to maintain purchasing power and affordability.

Thomson is dedicated to using proven technologies for superior picture, sound, and home comfort, ensuring ease of use and convenience.