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Iqoo Mobiles In India

IQOO Mobiles: Feel the ultimate gaming Experience!

iQOO, a new mobile phone brand launched in 2019, focuses on providing high-performance gaming smartphones under Vivo, a well-established smartphone manufacturer.

iQOO has gained popularity due to its advanced hardware and features, focusing on gaming and pushing the boundaries of smartphone technology.

iQOO Mobile Lineup

iQOO Series: With cutting-edge features including high-performance processors, powerful camera systems, and fast charging, the iQOO Series of premium smartphones offers outstanding gaming experiences.

iQOO Neo Series: The iQOO Neo Series provides high-performing, reasonably priced smartphones with cameras, making them the perfect choice for customers on a tight budget looking for durable technology.

iQOO Mobile Features

High-Performance Smartphones: The high-performance components found in iQOO smartphones, such as Qualcomm CPUs, sharp displays, and enough RAM and storage, make them perfect for gaming and multitasking.

Gaming-Centric Features: With the goal to improve the gaming experience, iQOO devices offer gaming-specific features such cutting-edge cooling systems, touch-sensitive shoulder buttons, adjustable performance modes, and software upgrades.

iQOO Mobile Competitors

Companies like Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei, and Lenovo, who provide a variety of smartphone options depending on personal preferences and objectives, compete with iQOO.

iQOO Mobile Price

iQOO’s affordable model starts at Rs. 14,499,, while the most expensive model costs up to Rs. 59,999.