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Motorola Mobiles In India

With the name Motorola, you might relate to a perished smartphone brand, but you’d be wrong. Motorola Mobiles have made a great resurgence recently by producing some of the best smartphones in the market worldwide. Motorola phones' biggest strength is in the diversity of its products, depending on your need there are multiple Motorola mobile phones ranging from the budget Motorola E40 to the flagship Motorola Edge X30, no matter which Motorola 5G phone you choose you are guaranteed to get a quality product with great user experience.

Motorola Mobile features

Motorola, now a part of the Lenovo family, gave some of the most iconic smartphones such as the OG Moto RAZR V3 or the highly successful Motorola G series which has produced some of the best mid-rangers smartphones. Moto G82 5G, the Motorola phone priced at around Rs 24000 is one of the best deals in the mid-range segment.

Motorola is focused on providing a smooth experience for its users with the use of powerful hardware and software close to the stock Android. Motorola has a long history of inventing some of the most iconic game-changer technologies.

Motorola Mobile price in India

Motorola phone price in India ranges from Rs 1630 for the Motorola A10 in the feature phone segment to Rs 1,49,999 for the Motorola RAZR, a reimagining of an iconic Motorola folding phone.

In short, it is the same story with Motorola, the latest G series phone is a great value device to buy and the flagship Edge series gives one the best all-around albeit under-rated smartphone.