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Disney Plus Follows Netflix, Bans Password Sharing: Pay More for Multiple Users

Updated on: 08-Feb-2024 07:08 AM



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Netflix proposed limitations on password sharing outside of homes in response to a global campaign against it last year, with the goal of increasing revenue and user growth. Disney Plus is reportedly planning its own ban on password sharing.

Hugh Johnston, Disney's CEO, has announced efforts to combat inappropriate password sharing on Disney Plus accounts. The corporation intends to impose limits in March, with full implementation likely by summer 2024, encouraging accounts suspected of such activities to subscribe separately.

Disney is adding a new feature that lets account users add persons from other houses for an extra cost, similar to Netflix's policy of allowing account access for others beyond their immediate household. Disney's price plan for this feature has yet to be revealed.

Hugh Johnston, Disney's CFO, expressed enthusiasm for an impending feature targeted at increasing its subscriber base. The firm is devoted to offering high-quality content and combating password sharing. Recent modifications to Disney Plus' terms and services emphasize this policy against sharing subscriptions with others outside of one's home. The modifications will apply to new customers beginning January 25.

Johnston underlined Disney's potential in paid sharing, highlighting its importance to their business plan and competitors' adoption. He emphasized the company's proactive attitude and intends to capitalize on this opportunity.

Netflix and Disney are declining password sharing to increase revenue and profitability. The technique reduces the number of paying members, lowering revenue potential. Their goal is to increase income by turning password sharers into paying customers. Netflix announced an increase of 9 million new subscribers as a result of tighter measures.

Netflix and Amazon Prime are broadening their revenue streams beyond traditional subscription models, focusing on ad revenue. Netflix provides cheaper memberships in return for watching advertisements, while Amazon Prime launches its own ad-supported service. This is part of a larger trend in the streaming business that aims to combat password sharing.


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