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Xiaomi Mobiles In India

Xiaomi Corporation founded in 2010 is the second-largest smartphone manufacturer in the world after Samsung Mobiles. Xiaomi entered the Indian market in September 2013 with their flagship device the Mi 3, a flagship device at a budget price.

Since 2013, Xiaomi phones have experienced a very good response from the Indian market and its customers, with over 3000 stores and over 8000 preferred partners only in India. Xiaomi opened a thousand physical stores at the same time creating a record. Being a community-focused brand, Xiaomi frequently hosts various types of campaigns with the customers as the centre to spread awareness about the company.

Xiaomi Mobile Lineup

  • Xiaomi sells its smartphones under the brand name Redmi Mobiles, which focuses on the mid-range and the budget segment like the Redmi Note 10 Pro Max.

  • The Mi Mobiles which delivers cutting-edge hardware specs and features for the premium segment of devices like the Mi 12 Pro.

Xiaomi is one of the biggest players in the mid-range segment worldwide, with the competition from other smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, Realme, and Vivo etc, Xiaomi is constantly releasing new devices with upgraded hardware and competitive price to one-up their competitors. Mi latest phone offering in India is the Mi12S Ultra.

Other products from Xiaomi

Xiaomi also makes smartphone accessories such as earphones, cables, power banks, smartwatches and many more. Other than smartphones and accessories, Xiaomi also makes consumer products such as TVs, speakers, cleaning robots etc. Xiaomi has one of the biggest catalogues for smart consumer products coming second only to one of its biggest rivals, Samsung.

Xiaomi Mobile price in India

Xiaomi mi Mobile price in India ranges from Rs. 4990 to Rs. 66999.