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Oneplus Mobiles In India

OnePlus is fairly a new player in the smartphone industry. That has not stopped the company from making a strong case for itself. Founded in 2013 by two former Oppo employees, OnePlus in a short span of 9 years has become a well-known and successful brand, from its modest beginnings with a niche online-only smartphone to a literal powerhouse in the industry with some of the best devices in its portfolio.

With a significant contribution to the smartphone industry by the Indian consumers, all the companies including OnePlus are focusing on establishing a strong footing in the country. Initially manufacturing some of the best flagship-killer phones, OnePlus has slowly converted into another brand with high-priced flagship devices. That said, OnePlus mobiles are still some of the best all-around smartphones available in the market.

OnePlus Mobiles Lineup

OnePlus caters to plenty of different budgets, with their two major lines of devices including

  • The Nord series which focuses on providing a great user experience at an affordable price tag. The Nord 2T and the Nord CE 2 5G are some of the best OnePlus 5G mobiles in the mid-range segment.
  • On the other hand, the number series in the OnePlus mobiles lineup is made to provide the best hardware and software experience at a reasonable price. The OnePlus upcoming mobile, the OnePlus 10T has already gained quite a fan following even before its launch.

Other products from OnePlus

Other than smartphones, OnePlus is also invested in providing other smart devices to the customers including SmartTVs, smartwatches and audio peripherals to expand their ecosystem.

OnePlus Mobile Price in India

OnePlus mobile price in India ranges from Rs 19,999 for the OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite 5G to Rs 66999 for the flagship OnePlus 10 Pro 5G.